Map of maps of interesting fields

I love seeing cool visualizations (maps) of interesting intellectual fields. I’m also a big fan of making lists!

Accordingly, I compiled a bunch of maps of fields that I thought were interesting. Please comment if you know of more such maps, and I’ll include them. 

Scott Alexander’s map of Effective Altruism (2020)

mariekedev’s mindmap of EA organisations (2023)

Hamish Doodles’ aisafety.world (2023)

On a side note, I would be very keen for someone to create a similar map of relevant organizations in the biosecurity & pandemic preparedness space. I plan to post a minimum viable product (bullet point list) soon. 

James Lin’s map of biosecurity interventions (2022)

Scott Alexander’s map of the rationality community (2014)

Dan Elton’s map of progress studies (2021)

Ada Nguyen’s map of the Longevity Biotech Landscape (2023)

Nadia Asparouhova’s map of climate tribes (2022)

Samuel Arbesman’s Catalog of New Types of Research Organizations (2023)

This one is more of a long list, but I thought it was very interesting nonetheless!

Honorable mentions

These are other mapping efforts that met my “I’m curious about it” but not my “This is super interesting” bar. Some of them also seem outdated. 

  • xkcd’s map of online communities (2010)
  • Julia Galef’s map of the Bay Area memespace (2013)
  • Joe Lightfoot’s The Liminal Web: Mapping An Emergent Subculture Of Sensemakers, Meta-Theorists & Systems Poets (2021 & updated in 2023)

Shoutout to Rival Voices, who created a similar-ish collection of maps (2023), and Nadia Asparouhova, who wrote a more meta-level post about Mapping digital worlds (2023).

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