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  • My favorite resources on meditation

    This post is a collection of resources on meditation practice that I have found especially useful. I might update it from time to time when I learn about new resources. Books Teachers Apps Personal blogs and other websites

  • Meditations on caring

    [epistemic status: very experimental] The idea Many people I encounter are onboard with the “Effective” part of EA. If you’re going to do something about all the suffering in the world, then do it in the most effective way possible, duh. Some of those people have told me they struggle much more with the “Altruism”…

  • A simple change in framing to make metta meditation easier

    If you have silently recited phrases like: “May you be well, may you be healthy, free from suffering and may you be happy” before, chances are you did a metta meditation. Metta is a term from the ancient language Pali and often translated as loving-kindness. It is a form of concentration practice where you picture…

  • Reflecting on my at-home meditation retreat

    I spent 4 days doing a meditation retreat at home. Previously, I had applied to attend 10-day formal vipassana retreats through dhamma.org. Sadly, due to Covid, I wasn’t able to go. Seeing that I now had some free time off university, I decided to try to do a retreat at home. I chose to use an…